NACHO Escolar Transición

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Nacho Escolar Transición (1st/2nd Grade) is great for students who are being introduced to Spanish through artistic education!   

This book is filled with activities for your student. These activities are perfect for kids because they are going to learn by observing, listening, touching, painting, etc... Activities in this book are easy to rip out so your student can learn comfortably. These exercises develop motor skills, cognitive abilities, social relations, and emotional health. We love to work with a term called " DECORATE FREELY" which allows you to use different kinds of materials such as: play-doh, rice, beans, rocks, sequins, yarn, etc...

Level:  1st grade - 2nd grade (6 years old - 7 years old)

Students will:

  1. Acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints, and further their knowledge of other disciplines.
  2. Use formulaic language (learned words, signs, and phrases).
  3. List, name, identify, and enumerate while drawing. 
  4. Associate products, practices, and perspectives with the target culture.
  5. Identify similarities and differences in the orthography and phonology.
  6. Recognize age-appropriate cultural or language-use opportunities outside the classroom

Satisfies Common Core Standards for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade