Nacho Libro Inicial de Lectura (USA)


Nacho Libro Inicial de Lectura (USA)

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Nacho Libro Inicial  (United States)

Nacho Libro Inicial (United States) remains a best seller!

Why is this book so loved? Nacho Libro Inicial U.S uses the same methodology and pedagogy practices as Latin American countries do. For 64 years, Nacho Libro Inicial de Lectura has been successful in teaching literacy skills, writing, and culture to students. 

What makes Nacho Libro Inicial (U.S) so special? It introduces integral American culture to students who are beginning their literacy journey. Some of these cultural aspects that Nacho Libro Inicial (U.S) provides are; The pledge of allegiance, lessons on the U.S Flag, the great seal, and much more all targeted in Spanish. The objective of doing this is that students from Spanish-speaking countries will be able to identify themselves with the book and thus inspire a better learning environment. 

Learning with Nacho Libro Inicial:

Appropriate for a classroom and homeschooling setting. Can be paired with Nacho Escribe A- Libro Inicial de actividades. Both of these books together are the perfect tools as your children begin learning how to read and write. They are aimed at early readers of the language, either as a native or non native speaker.

Level: PK. K. Native learners (3yo-6yo), Non- Native learners (4yo-8yo)

Evidence of learning:

  • Phonologically based
  • Relational vocabulary for everyday use 
  • Recognition of the alphabet, vowels, and phonemes
  • Focus on promoting writing skills
  • Pre-writing exercises
  • Awareness of rhyme
  • Sound discrimination
  • Visual identification and corresponding sound
  • Blending sounds
  • Short words and simple sentences, used frequently
  • Integration of word families
  • Age-appropriate and lively pace where children can build on what they are learning 
  • Culturally engaging

Meets Common Core Standards for Pre K, 1st, 2nd grade.

Learning with Nacho Libro Inicial (U.S.) and constantly practicing for only an hour a day guarantees students will learn Spanish literacy in less than 4 weeks!