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I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 littles.

I searched and searched and searched for something age appropriate to introduce a formal Spanish curriculum into our homeschool. But everything I found was aimed for children wanting to LEARN Spanish. It was hard to find anything for households that are already bilingual.

This is perfect! It will help me teach my kids how to read and write in Spanish. I bought two copies.

I’m using this with my seven year old who happens to have autism and with my soon to be four year old. My seven year old read his first word EVER with this book. And my four year old just started on this book and is learning her vowels. I couldn’t be happier!!!!

G. Day

❤️ Este librito me ayudó a enseñarle a mi hija a leer! Cuando estamos lejos de nuestros países yo de Colombia .. y vivo (Estados Unidos) me di cuenta que necesitaba algo en que apoyarme para que mi hija leyera en español.. con este libro lo logré! Y es muy parecido a lo que dan en las escuelas de Prek y Kunde aquí en EU!


Best book out there for teaching your little one to read in Spanish. My 5 year old is doing great with this book. Reading in Spanish is done by syllable which is different than English. This book is a great model for beginners.

J. Fass

Es un bello y muy didáctico producto para empezar a emseñarles a nuestros hijos a leer , especialmente en este tiempo de coronavirus

Fred Hagga

This book is a classic in Latin America, many children used to learn to read. I wanted my son to see it and use it for his Spanish lessons. It has lovely poems and stories. It's for young children I will say up to 9 years old or anyone wanting to share their childhood memories with others.

Fernando UK.