Learn more about the Patio Cultural Macon2 foundation!

Learn more about the Patio Cultural Macon2 foundation!

Mrs. Elvia, who is the director of the Patio Cultural Macon2 foundation in Barranquilla, Colombia, tells us that Nacho's help has brought them many benefits, since the children there are from a vulnerable population and did not have the materials that were requested, such as books, notebooks, colors, etc. So there was a lot of desertion and they stopped attending because their parents did not have the way to buy the materials, so she decided to ask for donations from known people to cover that need so that the children could attend the classes. After a while, Nacho appeared and Patio Cultural Macon2 began to receive donations such as the books that are essential for the reading workshops and the tablets that help them have their virtual classes, so they have also been taught the importance of caring and value what they receive.

Claudia Alcendra and Sandra Arrieta are there as volunteers, they are oral narrators of tradition, and Paola Reyes who helps the children to be attentive during the classes. This work is carried out with a lot of love, as there are many children who have the need to learn something, but do not have enough resources; In addition, being in these reading workshops helps children to be off the streets and the risks that we encounter for them.

In December 2021, each child of the foundation also received gifts from Nacho and an event was organized along with a reading workshop and these workshops have been of great importance to them, since many children began without having a love for reading, almost that forced by their parents, and today those children are the ones who have taken advantage of the workshops the most, in fact, some have repeated the activities, and there are already some children who even write their own stories and others who are more inclined towards writing animated.

We are happy to know that children are taking advantage of books and many of them are just learning to read and write with Nacho, as they are an important tool to develop these types of skills. We hope that many more people will join this work in the United States and buy our books, so we can continue helping more children in Colombia and the world.

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