Games with writing

Games with writing

Promoting fun with writing is one of the best ways to encourage children not to feel overwhelmed as they begin to write.

Do you want your child or students to have fun practicing writing?

If yes, try these activities that will help children exercise their writing skills.

  • Use recycled magazines or newspapers for a letter and word excursion
    • Prepare scissors, glue, and large lined paper,.Then write different practice words on the line paper. The purpose of this activity is for your children or students to find the letters in the magazines or newspapers and cut them out. After cutting out all the letters, the children will have to put them under the written words. If you want to reinforce writing  practice even more, children can rewrite the word under the letters they pasted.
  • Write with watercolors
    • For this activity, children must write words on white paper with a white crayon. After doing this, they need to paint the words with watercolors so that the mystery words appear.
  • Write with pipe cleaners or wool
    • You can use pipe cleaners or string, so your kids or students can fold the material into letters and spell out a word. When folding the word, they can also write it with a brush and watercolors.
  • Nacho Escribe Series
    • For all these activities described, the Nacho Escribe series has quite a few practice word lists that you can use and practice. If you want to reinforce the writing skills of your children or students a little more, the books also have pre-writing exercises and writing practices for children who are just beginning to write. The recommended ages for the use of these books are between 5-7 years.

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Escrito por: Valeria Flores. Universidad de California Los Angeles. Bachiller en Artes en Español y Lingüística. Maestra bilingüe. 

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