The clock with Nacho Pre jardin

The clock with Nacho Pre jardin

The book Nacho Pre Jardín has lots of hands-on learning activities  for preschoolers making it a book that will keep your child engaged for hours. If you are a teacher, these books are perfect to create lesson plans around them as they are filled with diverse features like cut outs, tracing activities, crafts, math and literacy. For this blog, I want to highlight a specific practice page on it.

The page's topic is time, you can find the practice activity on page number 85. The book instructs students to cut out the page, then cut out the arrows that stand for the hour and minutes. This practice page inspired me to share two activities to make teaching the time and numbers a lot more engaging. As a child and early teen, I struggled a lot with time, and often hear my students ask me for the time because they have trouble reading a clock, to help students like myself who need more hands on teaching methods, these activities will teach your kids how to understand the concept of time a bit better all while making it a game.  

  • Nature clock
  • Start by having a scavenger hunt! Ask your children or students to find different shaped rocks and sticks. Then, on the ground, place the rocks in a circle. With a stick, you can have the children write the numbers on the clock or make them with sticks. Another idea would be to get large leaves and write the numbers on them. Then, with larger sticks, put them in different numbers and practice with your students reading every hour.

    • Chalk clock 

    Draw a giant clock face with hours and minutes on the playground with sidewalk chalk. Choose two students to be the hour and minute hands, then call out a time and send them out to become the clock. Children can jump as many times as time as the hour that they are on, for example if they are on 6:00, they must jump 6 times.  Add more complicated elements by having them add to or subtract from the initial time too

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    Written by: Valeria Flores. University of California Los Angeles. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Linguistics. Bilingual teacher.

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