Nacho Aprestamiento- Lesson Plan

Nacho Aprestamiento- Lesson Plan

I have expressed how much I appreciate the Nacho Aprestamiento book within my Spanish classes. For this blog, I want to share yet another lesson plan that I have created so you can utilize it either within your own classroom, homeschooling or with your children. I enjoy the Nacho Aprestamiento book so much because it has many hands-on activities for young children of preschool age. Not only does it include literacy practice, oral expression activities and pre-writing exercises, but it has tracing pages that are great for fine motor skills. My class has children from ages 3- 6 so most of the activities that I do with my students involve hands-on learning and activities with fine motor skills since they can't read or write yet, developing children's fine motor skills prepares them for when children begin to write. With this in mind, I created this lesson plan that focuses on fine motor skills, and creative expression. As I have mentioned before the way I like to carry out my classes is by introducing the topic of the day, then doing a game involving the game and finally a craft or practice activity. Now to begin, prior to the class, prepare yellow paper, the letter of the day will be S in Spanish. Then, write the letter on the paper in bubble font. I have about 11 students in my class, and so I created 13 pages just in case my students had an error and wanted another (which tends to happens with preschoolers and kinder so I like to be prepared). Along with the yellow paper prepare  beads and yarn, they will be needed for the craft. Then, On page 135, print out the tracing activity enough for all your students, and hole punch each hole so students can pass yarn through them. Once class starts, I play the song 'Soy una serpiente', I will include the link to it here. My students adore this game, it involves them to work in a team, practice spanish by singing the song and so it happens to have serpiente which includes our letter of the day S. The game is simple, pick one student to be the leader, then that student will go around with their palms together and ask each student if they want to be part of the serpent. To do this students must be sitting in a circle and then when asked they will need to go under the student's legs. The student leader will ask every student in the circle, and as they ask the line will get longer and more difficult to go under making it a really fun game! After this game, I also like to have a sensory game with the kids. This one you can do if you only have a couple students or are homeschooling your child. I prepare different plastic letters of the letter 's', and along with that I prepare the letters that make up different syllables such as 'sa','se','si','so','su'. After playtime, sit all your students, I tend to divide mine depending on ages, I sit the youngest together and the oldest at another table. Once all students are sitting down, and have taken out all their energy in play time, take out the tracing print out, and the yellow paper you prepared before class. With the yarn you also prepared, students will need to pass it through each hole. Only after they are done, provide glue sticks so they can paste it onto the yellow paper with the letter 'S'. Make sure the students are sounding out the letter 'S', and saying the word 'sonrisa' like the image from the print cutout. Try doing everything in steps and not having all the materials on the table (young children tend to get distracted with so much and we want them to be focused with the task at hand), no one can move onto the next step until everyone is finished and no one can be given the materials until this happens too, this allows for students to wait for each other and help one another as they finish the activity. Then, after students have glued the print out. On the letter S you have written onto the yellow paper, students will have to fill the letter with the beads, they must  pass the glue stick over the letter and then start filling, students can either do patterns or rainbow, it is up to their creativity. I hope your children and students enjoy these activities. Make sure to take pictures and tag us @Nacho.books on instagram or Facebook! 

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Written by: Valeria Flores. University of California Los Angeles. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Linguistics. Bilingual teacher.

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