Christmas Literacy Games

Christmas Literacy Games

As children are home for christmas time, holiday themed literacy games are a great way for them to practice their reading and celebrate. Here are two activities you can  try!

  • Christmas Tree Story and Review Game 
  • For this first activity, it'll be featuring the book Nacho Libro Inicial de Lectura (Estados Unidos). Utilizing the christmas story on page 91, we will be creating a christmas tree story review and game. Each section of the Christmas tree represents part of the Christmas story. Before starting the activity, cut out enough triangles,  so that all your children can make a Christmas tree using all five pieces. Along with this, prepare star and tree trunk cut outs. Place all the pieces face up in the center of a table. Mix them all up. On the word "go" children should search for all the pieces they need to make the tree, and place them in order on a piece of paper in front of them. Each piece is a little smaller than the previous piece so even young children who do not know how to read can play this game by comparing the size of the pieces. When all your children have found all five pieces to the tree, give them a tree trunk and star piece. Have them glue the tree trunk to the bottom of their papers. Have your children glue the pieces of the tree onto the trunk starting with the largest, bottom piece as you review the story.

  • Snow Tray Sensory Reading
  • For this second activity, you will need instant snow, a large tray, plastic letters or laminated letters and a page with all the alphabet (you can put inside a protective cover since the snow will be wet). Prepare the instant snow and pour it inside the tray. Then, using the plastic or laminated letters, hide them inside the snow. You can play this game either two ways. The first being is that children pull a letter at random and place it on the page with all the alphabet (matching the correct letter). Or you can play this game with your child or students by asking them to find the letter in alphabetical order. For both versions of this game you can also ask students to name an object that starts with that letter. 

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    Written by: Valeria Flores. University of California Los Angeles. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Linguistics. Bilingual teacher.

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