Having fun with tongue twisters

Having fun with tongue twisters

There is something very special within the Nacho books. This special surprise is all the tongue twisters that the books share which help children learn in an interactive and fun way! 

How can tongue twisters help children who are learning to read? 

First, tongue twisters help children with the pronunciation of words. This means that children are exercising the muscles in their mouths that are used for speaking. Practicing with tongue twisters strengthens the skills of being able to read and articulate words clearly. Using Nacho books is a good way to introduce tongue twisters to children who are learning to read. I will share 2 different activities using the Nacho books. All of these activities can be used at home with your children or in the classroom with a group of students. 

El Nacho Libro Inicial (Estados Unidos)

This book has more than 50 tongue twisters with different sounds within each page.  For example, "La gata golosa se sube a la soga, derrama mi goma" (Page 33). The book also has a very special page that includes 3 classic Latin American tongue twisters. Such as, "Abracadabra patas de cabra" ..." (Page 76). With these tongue twisters you can run a competition! This competition can be with just one child or a group. The competition will have three rounds. But, before the competition it is important that the children try to memorize the tongue twister. They can do it with the help of parents or the teacher. After the child learns the tongue twister, the competition can begin. In each round of the competition, you can use a clock to track the seconds it takes for the children to say the tongue twister. The objective of each round is that with each one, the children can say the tongue twister faster. If they start with 10 seconds, in the second round the goal is 9 seconds, and in the third 8 seconds.

Nacho Lecturas Integradas A 

This book is for children a little more advanced in reading who are already able to write. Nacho Lecturas Integradas A is an excellent book that helps to reinforce reading, writing and reading comprehension. On page 46 the book also has an exercise with Tongue Twisters, "Sipe, sepe, sleep mepe, zapa, touch, loco, mole, rapa, tampo, cipi, mole, quepe, sopo, epe…". Using this practice page you can do a really fun writing activity! First, have the children read the tongue twister aloud. Then parents or teachers should read the tongue twister aloud. When reading the tongue twister, children have to write what they are hearing. When they finish writing they can compare the text with what they wrote. 

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