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Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea


Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea

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Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea

With Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea, children will master writing, literacy, and new vocabulary with ease while having fun. Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea has a unique approach when it comes to teaching literacy and writing as it is not heavy on memory and repetition exercises. Instead, it uses visuals and artistic expression to teach new words. 

This book is an instructional coloring book for those students who shy away from books with heavy use of writing practices. Focusing instead on kinesthetic learning approaches that are hands-on coloring activities that also help with the development of fine motor skills. 

Coloring with Nacho stimulates creativity and confidence as an engaging form of self-expression. Children will be able to foster their handwriting skills, color awareness and assist with language development as they can associate images with target words. 

Levels: Pre k- 2nd grade, appropriate for both native speakers (pre-K k to kinder) and for nonnative speakers (K- 2nd grade).

Evidence of Learning:

  • Fine motor skill practice
  • Pre-writing based
  • Helps with concentration skills 
  • Aids with coordination
  • Color awareness
  • Offers practice for pencil grip
  • Engaging writing exercises 
  • Alphabet recognition
  • Image and word association
  • Visual learning
  • Visual and cognitive stimulation
  • Nurtures creativity 

Here is a review about this workbook from Monica Olivera or MOMMY MAESTRA a homeschooling mother of three, as well as a freelance education writer.