NACHO Matemáticas (A)

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Nacho Matemáticas (A) is great for students who are learning Spanish and want to add some math into their learning experience.

This book is filled with math problems that can be solved in a fun and entertaining way. Aside from learning about shapes, numbers and counting, students will be able to draw and color as they would do in any other Nacho Book! 

Level:  K / 2nd Grade (5 years old  - 7 years old)

Students will:

  1. Expand their understanding of numbers and quantities in their everyday environment.
  2. Expand their understanding of simple, repeating patterns.
  3. Expand their understanding of comparing, ordering, and measuring objects.
  4. Identify and use a variety of shapes in their everyday environment.
  5. Identify, describe, and construct a variety of different shapes.
  6. Solve simple addition and subtraction problems with a small number of objects
  7. Use of mathematical thinking to solve problems that arise in their everyday environment.

 Satisfies Common Core Standards for K-2nd grade.