Nacho Matemáticas B


Nacho Matemáticas B

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The way of teaching and learning mathematics with Nacho is fast and effective because it is always used as a support material for the student to appropriate mathematical knowledge in a simple way with activities that adjust to their level of intellectual development and according to their needs.

The learning of mathematics develops with a structuring process of knowledge, skills, in a social, cultural, and historical context, which interacts and develops with the student who is learning.

Levels of learning: 2nd-3rd Grade

Evidence of learning:

  • Identifies the uses of numbers and operations in the context of games, economic families, among others
  • Uses different strategies to count, perform operations, and solve additive problems
  • Easy to interpret pictorial representations and diagrams
  • Relates to everyday use of mathematics
  • Contextual practices
  • Presents learning objectives 
  • Engaging activities
  • Compares and orders objects according to attributes such as height, weight, color intensities, among others
  • Compares objects in the environment and establishes similarities and differences using geometric characteristics of the shapes
  • Hands learning over abstract learning 
  • Implements large use of visuals and images
  •  Incorporates storytelling to make connections to real-world scenarios