Nacho Recortables 2


Nacho Recortables 2

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Nacho RECORTABLES (2) [Cut Outs] is ideal for students who are introducing themselves to Spanish, but cannot write yet.
This book is full of CLIPPINGS. This is a great book to use with non-verbal learners or children who are being introduced to language. Includes trimmed pages for cutting and pasting stories according to book instructions. Improves the use of accepted words for categories of objects found and frequently used in everyday life.

Level: PK (2 - 4 years)

Students will:

Acquire information, recognize distinctive points of view and expand their knowledge of other disciplines.
Use formula language (words, signs, and phrases learned).
List, name, identify and enumerate as you draw.
Associate products, practices and perspectives with the target culture.
Identify similarities and differences in spelling and phonology.
Recognize age-appropriate language or cultural opportunities outside of the classroom.
Meets Common Core Standards for Pre K.