Nacho Recortables 2


Nacho Recortables 2

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Nacho Recortables 2

Nacho Recortables is a collection of 3 activity books. The books serve as a support method for the development of child learning. It promotes integral enrichment activities to the students. 

Area of focus:

The Nacho Recortables series particularly focuses on psychomotor development by stimulating motor skills and allowing activities to be simple but highly effective. The books contain different vocabulary tools with a wide array of topics such as: oral expression, social sciences, artistic expression, math, and natural sciences amongst many more. The way these books are structured is by indicating the target vocabulary, an image associated with the target word, and a title dedicated to the theme of the vocabulary list. These vocabulary lists are able to be cut out and aid in interactive learning. 

Who can benefit from the use of the book series?

The Nacho Recortables books are a tool for both teachers and parents, as a complementary teaching resource for carrying out constructive activities. These books can be used for homeschooling, individual tutoring, group tutoring, and in a class setting. 

Recommended learning levels:

The ages recommended for these books are from 1st to 5th grade for both native speakers of Spanish and non-native students who are learning the language. 

Evidence of learning:

  • Frequently used words in everyday speech
  • Subject-specific words
  • Image association
  • Accommodates all learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing learners 
  • Fine motor skill practices 
  • Engaging images
  • Meets common core standards

How can you use the Nacho Recortables series? Why are these books special? 

The Nacho Recortables books are special as they are able to strengthen reading comprehension across different age levels. Being able to have a strong vocabulary boosts literacy skills since students are able to better understand what the words mean as they are reading a text. Effective vocabulary teaching is essential and the Nacho Recortables series does by simple definitions, engaging activities, and repeated exposure. Above all The Nacho Recortables series introduces vocabulary words that are both relatable and relevant to your student’s life. 

Parents and teachers can use the book series for: matching games, scavenger word hunts, word bingos, matching a word with its image, image mobiles, memory activities, and much more!

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