NACHO Review: Lecturas Integradas A & Matemáticas A.

NACHO Review:  Lecturas Integradas A & Matemáticas A.

NACHO Review: 

Lecturas Integradas A & Matemáticas A. 

Nacho Books is known for its bestseller Nacho Inicial de Lectura, Estados Unidos. But did you know that Nacho Books has other types of books? Lecturas Integradas A is ideal for students in first and second grades. This reading comprehension workbook offers plenty of stories that boost vocabulary and include questions to reinforce what students have read. What is also great about this book is that readers can also review the alphabet which will allow them to master it! This is an important foundation to have to be able to master reading and writing.

 Did you also know that Nacho Books carries books in Spanish for… MATHS?! We do! Nacho Matemáticas A is a book that begins with number recognition (1-100). It includes double digit addition and dives into understanding how to read different types of graphs! Our activity books are great as supplements to any kind of curriculum. These books are a fun way to reinforce what students have been learning in class or at home. Dual immersion teachers: this one's for you! 

We wanted to share our books with Nisha Congrove, a homeschooling mom and Monica from Mommy Maestra. They wrote a review on Nacho Books! Mommy Maestra wrote that our books are great supplements to practice lessons. She included that she would use our activity books for car rides, trips, or as a pass time at home. Visit her site,, to find out more about what her experience was with our books! 

Have you or your student ever used a Nacho Book? If so, please share your comments about it with us! 

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