NACHO Review: El Gran Nacho

NACHO Review: El Gran Nacho

At Nacho Books we love to know what our audience thinks of books and how they have helped them learn. Last week we shared Mommy Maestra’s thoughts on our books, Nacho Inicial de Lectura, Estados Unidos and Nacho Matemáticas A. Lectura Integradas A is a great reading comprehension workbook. Students can reinforce their reading skills and boost their vocabulary. Matematicas A adds to the fun, it is a book in Spanish for Maths! This workbook starts with number recognition, includes double digit addition, and delves into understanding how to read different types of graphs. Check out our last post, NACHO Review: Lecturas Integradas A & Matemáticas to learn more!

Nacho Books is well recognized throughout Latin America because of El Gran Nacho. This book contains 288 pages of fun and interactive literacy activities. It is designed for children in the first grade. The exercises in this book stimulates the development of literacy skills such as, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The book exercises visual perception, auditory skills, fine and gross motor skills.  

We are back again with another review from Mommy Maestra! Monica from Mommy Maestra reviewed one of our books. Can you guess which one? El Gran Nacho of course! Mommy Maestra wrote that El Gran Nacho presents letters carefully, the most frequently used letters in the Spanish language are taught first. The illustrations are done well and it includes fun activities! Such as tongue twisters, poetry, riddles, and crosswords. Visit her site,, to find out more about what her experience was with our books! 

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