Nacho Inicial De Lectura (USA)

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Nacho Inicial De Lectura (USA)
is great for students who are being introduced to Spanish and learning how to write.

This book is our BEST SELLER! The book contains the same method that has been used in Latin American countries to teach students how to read and write in Spanish for 64 years. With its method and phonetic exercises, students are expected to learn how to read in Spanish in less than 4 weeks! The student must practice for one hour a day ONLY!

This book is not exactly the same as the Colombian version. For our large Spanish Speaking community, we have added a bit of American Culture (Pledge of Allegiance, the meaning of the Great Seal and the flag and more!) so your student can also be connected to their own culture!

Level:  PK - K (3 years old - 4 years old) - Spanish Beginners

Students will:

  1. Develop age-appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Understand and use accepted words for categories of objects encountered and used frequently in everyday life.
  3. Develop age-appropriate grammar
  4. Phonological Awareness
  5. Begin to recognize letters of the alphabet.
  6. Demonstrate emergent writing skills.
  7. Demonstrate the enjoyment of literacy and literacy-related activities.

Satisfies Common Core Standards for Pre K.