Color Forma y Tamaño


Color Forma y Tamaño

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Nacho Color, Shape and Size is ideal for students who are being introduced to Spanish, but cannot write yet.
This book is full of activities for your student. These activities are perfect for children because they will learn by observing, listening, touching, painting, etc. The activities in this book are easy to extract so your student can learn comfortably. These exercises develop motor skills, cognitive skills, social relationships, and emotional health. We love working with a term called "DECORATE FREELY" that allows you to use different types of materials such as: plasticine, rice, beans, stones, sequins, thread, etc ...

Level: PK (2 - 5 years)

Learning Evidence:

Acquire information, recognize distinctive points of view, and expand your knowledge of other disciplines.
Use formula language (words, signs, and phrases learned).
List, name, identify and enumerate as you draw.
Associate products, practices and perspectives with the target culture.
Identify similarities and differences in spelling and phonology.
Recognize age-appropriate language or cultural opportunities outside of the classroom.
Meets Common Core Standards for Pre K, 1st grade.