Christmas with Cometa Creativa

Christmas with Cometa Creativa

This week Nacho Nauta's corner will be highlighting the amazing book Cometa Creativa. I love this book because it is extremely practical for both classroom use and home schooling. What makes this book so easy to use and follow is that it provides clear strategies and learning tips that accompany each activity within the book. Since Christmas is just around the corner, Cometa Creativa Book 1 is the perfect gift to celebrate the holiday season. So, I will be presenting two of it’s Christmas activity pages.

As I mentioned earlier, each page in this book is followed by a teacher guide that includes the topic, learning objectives, and a description of the page content. On page 123, Cometa Creativa has a beautiful snowman activity. Students will have to decorate the snowman with cotton balls, colored buttons and styrofoam balls. To accompany this activity, the book suggests reading a Christmas story with your children or students. I will attach a list of stories in Spanish that are excellent for the Christmas season and for learning about the cultural traditions of Latin America. Another really fun idea Cometa Creativa proposes is a Christmas play! It can be a play that represents one of the Christmas stories from the list above, or create your own play with the help of the children! It would be a really fun idea to make costumes for this play. You can create your own Christmas hats or create Christmas bells. Below I will share instructions for each suggestion.

Christmas tree hats

You will need cardboard party hats, preferably white, green paint, pompoms, glitter, beads, and glue. First, paint the hat with green acrylic craft paint. This step is easier if you can open the hats and lay them flat on a protected surface. After the paint is dry, use white, glitter glue, beads, and pom poms to decorate. Using a ribbon, you can thread it through the hat as it is more comfortable than the elastic that comes with the plastic hats.

Christmas bells

All you need to do is thread bells through pipe cleaners. You can make as many or as few as you like. Once you have the bells through the pipe cleaners, make a circle shape and tie the ends together until they are secure. You can use wire cutters to cut off the excess wire, or you can keep turning until the sharp edges are no longer sticking out. Then, to finish, cover the tips that are poking out, tie another pipe cleaner around where the tips were connected and make a small bow, as you would with shoes.

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Written by: Valeria Flores. University of California Los Angeles. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Linguistics. Bilingual teacher.

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